6 Types Of Blog Posts You Can Write EVERY Single Week!!

best types of blog posts news posts | 2022 |

Here Are 6 Types Of Blog Posts You Can Write EVERY Single Week!!

If you want to keep your readers engaged, it’s advisable to mix up the type of blogs you post.  There are hundreds of different types of blog posts to choose from, and in this post we outline 6 topics to pick when writing a blog that will not only drive engagement but also boost SEO and drive traffic to your website. 

1. List Posts

types of blog posts list blogs | 2022 |

List posts are generally the most popular type of blog.  Their format provides a great way to share information in an easy to digest manner.  They’re easy to skim read and of all type of blog post, they’re the ones that are most likely to be shared.  Readers like list articles and they’re great for directing traffic to your website. 

2. News Posts

best types of blog posts news posts | 2022 |

News posts are timely, topical and relevant.  They are popular with readers as they focus on what’s happening here and now.  New posts give the writer an authority in their field, and readers will give see you as an expert and the ‘go to’ in your arena.  Not only does this help to build your brand name, it also means customers and prospects are more likely to trust you. 

3. How-to Posts

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If someone doesn’t know how to do something, Google is often the first place they turn. If you can create a blog post that provides a solution to their problem, they’re highly likely to visit your website and read your article.  As with Tutorials and Guides, How-to Posts are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and position yourself as an industry leader.  These types of posts show that you know what you’re talking about. 

4. Tutorials and Guides

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Tutorial and guide blogs are a great way to engage with your readers.  A blog is a great platform to teach your readers how to do something.  The most knowledge you can pass on to them, the more they’ll want to read the content that you’re creating.  Tutorials are more advanced than how-to guides. How to guides only teaches you the exact thing you are searching for, while a tutorial answers the ‘how’ and the ‘why’.

5. Round-Up Posts

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There are two types of roundup posts – expert roundups and content roundups.  Both are great for boosting SEO and driving traffic to your website.  In essence, content round-up posts aggregate content or opinions from experts in a specific niche while expert roundups feature direct contributions from experts in the appropriate niche.

Round-up posts boost your authority as a blogger in your niche and they provide the opportunity to establish and develop a relationship with key influencers. 

6. Review Posts

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Review blog posts do what they say on the tin – they provide reviews of products and services.  Review blog posts are a great way to portray personality, opinion and your unique voice.  Review blog posts are great for lead conversion. As they show real-life examples of a topic that is valuable to your readers.

How to Choose Which Blog Type is Best for You?

When it comes to selecting which blog type is best for you to consider the type of blog your audience wants to read, which you feel most comfortable about and which type of blog do you have the most knowledge to write about. 

We hope that you have found this blog post on ‘6 topics to pick when writing a blog’ useful.  Comment below and let us know if we missed anything.