Best Business Emails: Gmail vs. Domain Email

gmail email or domain email

Best Business Emails: Gmail vs. Domain Email

When you’re starting up a business, you have a lot of things to consider, but what kind of email you use might not have crossed your mind! It’s not a major difference for you to use, after all, and your personal email might work just fine for you. With that said, there are many reasons for using each one, and you might decide that a domain email is actually a better choice for running your business.
You have to keep in mind when contacting customers or potential business partners, your email address is likely the first thing they’re going to see. You want to make sure you’re leaving a good impression, but which is the best way to do that?

Advantages of using a domain email

Ideally, when you’ve started up a business, you want to make sure it looks to be trustworthy. Having your contact information under a business domain can help to make it look more trustworthy, which is much better for customers. It shows that you’ve committed to this business, and you’re not just running it on the side.

Not only does it look more trustworthy, but it looks more professional too! You want your contact information to be tied to your business, and in some cases, it’s expected of you. If you’re trying to give the most professional impression you can, a private Gmail account might not be ideal for that!

Impressions aside, it’s also better that you have a separate email from your private account, as it stops things from getting too cluttered. You don’t want to lose any important emails amongst all of the personal emails you receive, that’s far too risky! If you’ve had your private email for a long time, you probably get a lot of junk and spam sent to you daily; even if you keep a close eye on your emails, something could slip by unnoticed if it’s from an unknown contact!

Also, if your email domain matches that of your website, it makes it much easier for customers to reach you. Everything matches, and you won’t lose someone to complications in contact details! It’s much easier to tie everything together like that, else you risk confusing people!

Disadvantages of using a domain email

There aren’t really that many disadvantages to using a domain email for your business, apart from having a second email address to check. It doesn’t take much time to check your emails, nor does it take time to switch it on any apps that you use.


The bottom line of all this is, using a domain email for your business can help you in so many ways, and makes any inconvenience worth taking on! It’s vital as a small business that you don’t lose out on any customers if you can help it, you need their business, so getting every angle you can is a must!

There’s no reason you should risk coming across as unprofessional, or an ingenuine seller online. It’s fine for home businesses that don’t want to grow, but if you’re looking to break into a bigger market, that’s something you should get sorted!