How To Activate New SSL Certificate

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A new SSL Certificate is required when; moving a website to a new hosting location, creating a new client website, an SSL Certificate is due for renewal.

Note: Glassfull Media email address to select for notifications is [email protected] or [email protected] Before starting the below process we require access to [email protected] to authorise the SSL certificate – contact the client before starting the below and find out what their admin email address is (see Step 12 below).

Steps To Activate New SSL Certificate

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Click to the SSL Certificates page

Step 3: Create a New Order. Select option “GoGetSSL™ Domain SSL”.

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Check to see if you are renewing a 1 or 2 year SSL Certificate. Glassfull Medias preference is usually to renew the SSL Certificates for 2 years because you do not require to hire someone to manually renew the certificate every year.

Step 4: Click ‘Next Step’

Step 5: Complete the order by adding the payment information.

Step 6: Click “Manage SSL”, or go back to the SSL Certificates page. Find your new SSL certificate with “Incomplete” Status. Click View.

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Step 7: Click the “Generate Certificate” button, Submit your CSR code
and Follow Next steps to submit information about the SSL certificate.

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Step 8: Generate the CSR code by clicking “Online CSR Generator”

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Step 9: Enter business details for the new SSL certificate. Enter the clients business name, enter an internal email address as main email contact. Glassfull Media uses the email [email protected] Make sure you have access to this email, or contact the person who accesses this email address.

Step 10: Copy the new CSR code, including text —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–

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When you generate the CSR code – you will see both the new CSR code and Private Server Key. Make sure you save both of these codes because you will need them soon. Tip – save them in a text editor like Microsoft Word. Make sure you copy and paste all text, including —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–

Step 11: Paste the CSR code on the previous page.

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Step 11: Click “Validate CSR”.

Step 12: Select an email address to be sent an email which the client will need to complete to validate the SSL Certificate. Note – You require access to one of the clients email admin emails. You require access to: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Click “Next Step”

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Step 13: Enter Administrative Contact details. Glassfull Media uses details: First name = John, Last Name = McGovern, email address = [email protected] or [email protected], phone = 35315241430, Job Title = IT DEPT, city = Dublin, Country = Ireland, Post code = none. (Technical Contact Details are the same as administrative contact)

Step 13A: If Glassfull Media is going to manage the website hosting. You will need to create a new admin email or get access to the email by contacting your manager and asking for login details.

Step 14: Click “Complete Generation”. The SSL Certificate is now generated. We now need to activate the SSL cert and link the new cert to to the website.

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Step 15: Contact the client, request them to check their admin email (ie. [email protected]). Request the client to confirm and validate the email. First, they need to open the email. Second, copy the validation code. Third, click “confirm validation”. Fourth, enter the validation code that is copied from the email and click “Next”. Note – if the client has completed this step – you will see this note in

Send this blog link to the client: New SSL Certificate. Client Email Confirmation

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Step 16: We need to copy the Private Key and the CRT Code. You created the Private Key in step 10, and should have pasted it into a text editor for using soon. The new CRT code can be found in two places: (1) It has been emailed to the internal email address you set up in the earlier steps. Glassfull Media us [email protected] or [email protected] (2) You can also find the CRT code in

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Step 17: Download the CRT, and Open With a text editor. For example, open the file with Microsoft Word, or Google Docs. Save the CRT code with your Private Key in your text editor.

Step 18: Go to your website hosting panel, Glassfull Media uses a Plesk panel. Click on the domain you want to add the SSL certificate to.

Step 19: Click “certificate”. Click “SSL/TLS Certificates”.

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Step 20: Add a new SSL/TLS Certificate. Enter the Certificate name = The client’s name & this calendar year.

Step 21: Upload the certificate as text. Do not upload a file and do not request a new certificate. Add the Private key and the CRT Certificate codes you have saved, enter by text. including —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–

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Step 22: Click “Upload Certificate”, shown at the bottom of the page.

Now, we need to detach the old certificate from our hosting and to attach the new certificate to the hosting.

Step 23: To remove the old SSL Cert from the website. Go to website hosts. ie go to Plesk. Select the domain you want to edit.

Step 24: First, go to “Mail Settings” – select the new SSL certificate. Second, Click “Hosting Settings” and update SSL cert to the new cert.

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Step 25: Change the old SSL certificate to the new one for both Mail and Hosting. This change activates the new SSL certificate for the website.

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Step 26: Go to the website, check the website address search box. Confirm the security seal is showing live for the website.

Check the website to make sure there is a lock symbol live in the website search box.

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Step 27: If the security seal is not displaying as active. Go to the client website and download a new plugin called “Really Simple SSL”. Activate the plugin after downloading. This will activate the SSL Certificate across all pages on the website.

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