How To Connect Plesk To Filezilla, Blacknight.

filezilla blacknight

First, log into your Blacknight hosting account. You will need to request for the new URL for your Plesk account from Blacknight, email support to retreive this information.

Second, view your plesk account. Go to the website that you want to update. Copy the IP address, this will be used in Filezilla as your Host name.

Third, in Plesk, create a new FTP user. Save your username and password, you will need to use these in Filezilla.

Fourth, go to Filezilla. Click > File > Site Manager. Add a new site. In the General tab, you will have to update the ‘encryption’ option to ‘only use plain ftp’ option if you have not activated the SSL certificate for the website yet. Click ‘Transfer Settings’ and update the transfer mode to Active. Leave the Port option blank, it will fill itself in automatically.

Once you are connected to the website via Filezilla you will see a status: Directory listing of “/” successful

Watch the video below to see how to connect your Plesk account in Blacknight to your Filezilla account.