How To Give Access To Google Analytics Account

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How To Give Access To Google Analytics Account

When you share access to your Google Analytics account, you are giving permission to those people to view information about the performance of your business, your customers and their interests. Make sure you provide the correct level of access. Remember, you can add and remove people to your Google Analytics account at any time. 

The below article gives you step by step instructions for providing access to your Google Analytics account.

The Steps    
Step 1. Log into your Google Analytics account Go to  
Step 2. Click the Admin button in Google Analytics

The admin button looks like this google ads admin button. Located on the bottom left hand side of your screen. 

Step 3. Click ‘User Management’ to add permissions for a new user. There are three options to select; account, property or view. Provide ‘Account’ access if you want them to have full access to all of your Google Ads analytics. Select ‘property’ if you want to restrict someone to only see analytics for a specific mobile device or other.   
Step 4. Click the plus symbol Located on the top right of the screen.where is google analytics admin access plus button  
Step 5. Click Add Users The new user email address must be a Gmail email address or an email using Gsuits.  
Step 6. Choose the account permissions for Google Analytics Choose the Google Analytics account access privileges. Give admin access only to people or businesses you want to have control over your Google Analytics account. Keep the ‘notify new users by email’ button ticked, so the new user receives an email within a few minutes.  
Step 7. Click Add The email address you invited will receive an email confirming they have been invited. Get them to confirm their account access.