How to Research All Of Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Look at competitors Facebook advertising campaign

Want to learn about your competitors’ Facebook ad campaigns? Trying to find out how they are getting clients and what they are saying to their prospects?

In this article, you will discover how to research your competitors’ Facebook ad campaigns, uncovering amazing ways to grow your business.

#1 Go To Your Competitors Facebook Page To Find Their Ads

First, log in to your Facebook account. Second, go to your Facebook competitors page. On the right-hand side you will see a section called “Page Transparency”, click see more.

You will then see more information about your competitors’ Facebook page. Including, the history of the page and information on people who manage the page. On the bottom right you will see the option to ‘Go to Ad Library‘. Click this and you will be brought to the Facebook ad library where you will be able to explore your competitor’s Facebook ad campaigns.

#2 Go to The Facebook Ad Library To View Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads

To see your competitors’ Facebook ads, go to the Facebook Ad Library The Facebook ad library provides us with advertising transparency of businesses using Facebook to advertise. The ads you see are a searchable collection of all adverts running on Facebook and Instagram.

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#3 Create A folder where you can store your competitors’ ads

There are many tools you can use to do this. Make sure you use a system that will allow your team members to view and add to the folder. We use Trello in our business when a team member finds a good ad they like, they take a screenshot from their phone or desktop. The image is then added to the Trello board where the entire team can view the advertising example.