New SSL Certificate. Client Email Confirmation (Part 2)

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This step is required for clients who are getting a new website or who have purchased an SSL Certificate. Glassfull Media will request you to do the following steps after an SSL Certificate is generated by the Glassfull Media team.

You will need access to an admin email. Confirm with Glassfull Media which admin email address you want to receive this SSL Certificate email to. Your options must include one of the following; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Step 1: Open the email called: GoGetSSL Domain Validation of “”

Step 2: Copy the line of validation code in the green box.

Image 2019 10 29 at 11.20.10 a.m. | 2022 |

Step 3: Click the button “Confirm Validation”

Step 4: Paste the code into the empty box and click next.

Screen Shot 2019 10 30 at 11.27.22 | 2022 |

Step 5: Contact your website hosting company (Glassfull Media) and confirm that you have completed these steps.

Not able to find this email? Check these steps to activate a new SSL Certificate have been completed first.