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With website chatbot, you are over 10x times more likely to get leads from your website. Because it’s sms text based, you will stay connected to leads for longer after they leave. Hit a 98% open rate v email at 20% open rates.

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“Glassfull Media’s software is great. It improves my client bookings makes it simply to schedule appointments, automatically sends reminder text messages etc, helps me track and follow up with clients, reduces client churn, essentially saves me time and helps in other ways to make my life a lot easier. I highly recommend Glassfull Media’s software.”

Niall Hally | Village Physiotherapy Clinic

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Quality Conversations

Collecting lead information before the conversation starts gives enables your team to deliver the best customer experience.

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Personal Ai Assistant

Save hundreds of hours every week. Your time saving, task completing Ai Assistant. Enhance your business with Ai. Deliver instant and quality customer support to customer 24/7. Connected to Open Ai Chat GPT 4.0

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Calendar sync

Customers can automatically book themselves in for an appointment with you. Connected to your live calendar availability. Customisable your calendar to your exact needs.

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Connected Workflow

Automatically get notifications on your phone and desktop app. Add leads and appointments into pipelines, funnels or automations.

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Grow and scale your business with less effort with our all-in-one sales & marketing platform.

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