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Delivering the results that matter, we specialise in improving brand awareness and leads for marketing teams and agencies. We do things by the Glassfull.. Hire our Award Winning Team and Revolutionise your Digital Marketing Strategy.



Ryle from Stakeholder Sport understands the unique aspirations, requirements and ambitions of key stakeholders across the sports industry. We worked with Stakeholder Sport, providing a website that displays the quality and experience Ryle and his team have to offer his clients.


Some of our client case studies to understand our work further.

Financial Advisors WEBSITE

We created Lynx Financial Advisors with a custom website design that meets the businesses requirements. We improved their customer journey and product offering by giving a clean, elegant and intuitive website design that any business owner would be proud of.

Having worked with John on a Digital Marketing campaign in a previous role, I engaged him on a website redesign after I joined our family business. Right from the start he was exceptionally helpful, and throughout the build himself and Patrick worked quickly and efficiently, taking on our requests on one hand, and guiding us with their own expertise on the other. We are delighted with the end result and would recommend them without hesitation.

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We worked with Modabeauty to provide a refined and versatile website. Providing clear understanding of their customer journey, and how to provide Modabeauty with value. The website allows you to explore their quality products, view their shop / staff / client testimonials / pricing and more.

“Everything throughout the project was explained and communicated accordingly, with no surprises or additional costs.”

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Display Centre is Irelands #1 shopfitting solutions provider. We provided with a bespoke new website design to Display Centre. We incorporated a sleek new website design with an ecommerce shop at the centre of the website design project.

We purchased a new website from Glassfull Media. They provided a fast turn around and helped answer any questions we had.

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Cabinteely Gas came to us with one goal, improve their website design to direct people to their more expensive products. We provided Cabinteely Gas with website updates while working on the SEO for their website. We have seen a 61% increase in SEO traffic in Ireland since our updates, bringing in more clients without spending money on Ads.

Very impressed with John and the team’s commitment to delivering great results. Glassfull Media upgraded our website and surpassed our expectations, they are very good at what they do.

Organic Traffic +61%

Returning Visitors +23%


Why outsource my digital marketing?

Outsourcing your digital marketing provides a number of key benefits that you won’t have internally at your business. You won’t have to hire internally, but can hire skilled expertise quickly for when you need it. This expertise will ensure a large library of experience is brought onboard to provide solutions to your digital marketing goals. By outsourcing to industry experts, you can focus on your own core competencies and put your time towards the running of the business. Agencies can also quickly measure and report on what works and doesn’t work, thus ensuring that an optimum strategy is implemented quickly to achieve your business goals.

Do I need to hire a digital marketing agency?

We believe that this is a crucial step towards realising your business potential. By entrusting an agency to look after your digital marketing strategy, you are free to focus on other tasks to develop your business. Digital marketing agencies are at the cutting edge of digital trends and so will incorporate these into your strategy going forward, thus giving you that competitive edge. By working with experts in the digital marketing field you will reap the benefits of their knowledge and technical skills in this rapidly changing area.

Do you develop websites on WordPress, Shopify, Majento and other platforms.

Yes, our in-house website developers will design and develop a custom new website for your business needs using these platforms that work best for you as a business. By using the best ecommerce and website building software available, you will make your website stand out from your competitors and crucially make it more attractive and easier to use for prospective customers, thus increasing sales of your products and services.

How do website designers charge?

Agencies charge per hour or per day, depending on your needs. Individual freelancers may take up to 2 or 3 times as long to achieve a task due to lack of experience – so you may end up paying them more for certain tasks. Agencies on the other hand have a range of expertise to draw from due to their larger teams of experts, so they can get the job done quicker and more successfully because of these key advantages.

Can you host my website, update it and keep it working continuously?

Yes, we do this for many of our clients. We specialise in designing and managing websitesby looking after all of the heavy lifting which in turn allows our clients to focus on running their businesses. Regularly updating and maintaining a website is essential to its performance. Our team of experts look after this daily so you don’t have to.

I have a small budget. How much are your cheapest website design packages?

We offer a range of tailored packages depending on your business size, needs, and crucially, budget. We understand that many businesses are operating with small budgets and so want to maximise the return on this investment. By speaking with our team, we can establish quickly what your key needs are for a website and we can build a costing around these needs so they are met along with your budgetary constraints.

How do you generate leads for customers?

This can be achieved through a number of ways which we specialise in as an agency. We do this through paid social media ads, personalised e-mail marketing, SEO, website contact forms, discounts and coupons, high-value content, Google AdWords campaigns, and high-quality video. This marketing mix will ensure the funnelling of customers via a number of different marketing funnels and ensure you are generating leads through all of the available marketing channels.

What is lead generation marketing?

Put simply, this is the initiation of prospective client interest in the products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. These prospective leads may not yet be qualified to buy as they haven’t shown enough interest just yet but can be converted into a paying customer using the various aforementioned marketing methods to create demand for your products or services.

Should I hire website designers who are near me?

Meeting a designer in person can help get a feel for them as a business partner, but firstly you should hire web designers that understand what you are looking to achieve with your budget and business goals, regardless of their geography. We speak one-to-one both online and in-person with our customers and map out these needs and build a website plan around this and their budgetary constraints. We keep in regular touch with our clients on the development of the website, where we show them its progress and ensure feedback is taken onboard as the project unfolds.

I already pay for a marketing person, why do I need Glassfull Media?

Having an internal resource can be advantageous, but using a digital marketing agency at the cutting edge of their field can make the difference between spending money for the sake of it and achieving actual results. Paying for an agency to bring you results quickly using all of the available digital marketing tools via a team of experts will set you apart from the companies that have asked this very question.

Best 10 questions to ask when hiring a digital marketing person?

1. Who is managing my account?
2. Do you have client references and a portfolio of work to view?
3. What are your company’s values and beliefs?
4. How do you measure campaign success?
5. What services do you offer and specialise in?
6. What is the average turnaround time on your projects?
6. Will I get a dedicated point-of-contact?
7. Can they help a business of my size?
8. Have you a pricing plan or packages available?
9. How regular are performance reports?
10. What do they believe is great content to help us achieve our goals?

What is SEO?

It’s that scary abbreviation again. Fear no more! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically this means getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google. As search is one of the main ways in which people discover you online, ranking higher in search engines can lead to an increase in traffic to your website. At Glassfull media one of our key services is SEO. Speak with us and realise the potential of your website!