The 4 Best Ai Content Writing Software (Chat GPT Alternatives)

Best ai writing software

Here’s a list of the 4 best Ai Content Writing software on the market.

We researched 4 ai writing tools so you dont have to. We even got free trials for you and published a video, links below!

Here’s the ai content writing tool list if you just want to jump straight in and start your free trial: (1) Jasper (2) Copy Ai (3) Write Sonic (4) Article Fiesta

ai content writing software

Looking to create content that resonates with your audience?

Spending too much time trying to find tools to save time? It’s a paradox, I know! But, it is worth it!

Ai is one of the biggest technologies that will change everything. Trust the numbers.

Bing has doubled its search volume, going from 5% to 10% of the search market versus Google. Bing updated the face of Bing. Google parent company Alphabet lost $100 Billion in valuation after they introduced a glitchy Ai alternative to Chat GPT.

What Is Chat GPT

Chat GPT has shocked the world. This is the start of a revolution.

Chat GPT gained over 1 million users in 5 days. The fastest platform to ever do this.

Chat GPT is the first popular Ai language tool that will change the face of the internet and how people conduct business.

It allows computers to understand how humans talk and write. It uses patterns and meanings behind them. It can write content, write code, fix code, translate text, create lists, do complicated excel formulas and much more.

It has the first movers advantage and has everyone in the world talking about it.

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Chat GPT Issues

  • Chat GPT is not the best Ai content writing tool on the market! It is a generalised Ai tool.
  • It is hard to access it, there are literally too many people using it and you will only be able to access it 50% of the time.
  • It does not have live information, it has knowledge up to 2021.
  • Watch: The Worst Chat GPT Problems

What Is Ai Content Writing Software?

Ai content writing software helps writers create effective, engaging and informative blog posts, articles or other content! Human input is still needed to create good quality authentic content.

Ai writers will provide you with templates and guidance to make the most of your words. Some of the common features of AI content writing tools include:

  • Choice of topics: Ai content writing tools can help give you a range of topics to choose from. Giving you more flexibility in what you write on.
  • Easy formatting: Ai software often includes easy to use formatting features. Get ideas for headings / sub-headings / blog structure and lists.
  • Automatic grammar correction: Automatically correct grammar mistakes.
  • Assistance with source citations and quotations: Ai content writing can include sourcing information to make sure you know where your content has come from. Helping you find reputable sources for quotes or backlinks for seo.

List The Best Ai Content Writers (Chat GPT Alternatives)

We have reviewed four of the best Ai content writers on the market to save you time, empowering your choice.

All four Ai tools have free trials that you can sign up for by using our links below.

Keep reading to learn how these time-saving tools will help you create engaging content in no time!

1. Jasper Ai

jasper ai content writer | 2024 |

Rating: 9 out of 10

Free Trial: Includes 10,000 Free credits (Click here)

Overview: Jasper is a powerful ai tool that helps businesses streamline their operations. Write quality long form content.

Pro’s: The quality of the content is very high and can get past Ai plagarism checking tools. It is a fast, clean and easy to use tool. It can also generate Ai images. Claim 10,000 bonus credits with our link.

Con’s: It could create the Ai images directly into the articles you write.

2. Article Fiesta

ai content software | 2024 |

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Free Trial: Free trial – First 2 articles are free (Click here)

Overview: Article Fiesta is the WordPress swiss army knife of Ai content writing tools. It connects to directly to WordPress and automates additional tasks outside of just the Ai content.

Pro’s: Generate long form Ai content. Connect to your WordPress website and publish blog articles within clicks, automatically structure to your blogs, get headings and images all within a few clicks.

Con’s: Mainly for article writing, not content ideas, headlines or other content purposes.

3. Write Sonic

chat gpt alternative | 2024 |

Rating: 8 out of 10

Free Trial: Free trial (Click here)

Overview: Writesonic is a tool to help improve writing. It offers features to shorten texts, check grammar, and more. It helps writers create concise, error-free content quickly.

Pro’s: Creates structure to articles, gives you more control over the sub-headings which provides clarity for longer form content.

Con’s: The quality of content gets caught by Ai plagiarism tools more often, and needs more fine-tuning.

4. Copy Ai software review | 2024 |

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Free Trial: Free trial (Click here)

Overview: is an AI-powered copywriting tool that helps you create content quickly and easily. With, you can create blog posts, emails, website copy, and more in a fraction of the time.

Pro’s: Easy to use and provides multiple versions of content for you to pick the best version that works for your business.

Con’s: Does not write long-form content, or pull in images, or structure content.

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