How To Back Up Your WordPress Website (Fast & Free)

How To Back Up Your Wordpress Website

Best Way To Backup Your Website

This is the fastest way to back up your website. For FREE.

Using a plugin that is used by over 3 million WordPress websites.

Save yourself hours of time.

Check out our video below to how to backup your wordpress website today.

Protect your business by having a backup of your website ready. No need to backup your WordPress website manually.

This video shows you how to automatically download your website within a few clicks. We show your how to backup your website with the best plugin for backing up WordPress websites. The plugin is called Updraft plus.

This allows you to backup your website, automatically and systematically backup your website frequently, and even save your website backup to dropbox and other locations. There is no cost to backup your wordpress website with Updraft plus. They do have a premium version available which you can purchase from their website, but if you are looking for a perfect option for your small business then make sure to use the free version of Updraft plus first.

Watch Video: How To Back Up Your WordPress Website