10 Ways To Automate Business Growth

customer retention automation

This blog will show you 10 ways to automate business growth, enhancing the value of your business. All while saving you time and giving your customers a better customer experience!

Businesses across all sectors are on a constant quest for efficient growth strategies and to enhanced customer engagement. That’s what we are here for. We love software and growth methods that improves your your customer relationship and increases your revenue.

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Social media marketing, paid ads, cold outreach are all methods to acquire new customers.

But remember, acquiring new customers costs much more than retaining current customers!


But, how do you improve EACH of those customers’ experience when they start to interact with your business?

How do you ensure that each customer get the same treatment, same knowledge, same offers, at the right time?

By creating strategic automations to stand out. Sending emails is one of the lowest costs to manage, and it will give you insight into what is and is not working for your business.

These automations will save you considerable time and significantly boost conversions with potential customers. By targeting and retargeting customers with personalised, dynamic content. Let’s dive into 10 essential email (or SMS) flows that can benefit any business.

1. Welcome Flow

The welcome series is crucial for making a strong first impression and building a foundation with your subscribers. It should familiarise them with your brand, values, and the benefits of subscription by sending them at least three emails. Personalising content and leveraging dynamic data can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates right from the start.

2. Abandoned Cart Flow

This flow targets customers who show interest in a product or service but leave without completing the purchase. Kicking off with an SMS reminder followed by a series of emails. This method effectively brings potential customers back to finalise their transactions. Incorporating incentives like discounts or free trials can significantly increase conversion rates.

3. Post-Purchase Flow

The relationship with your customers doesn’t end at purchase; it evolves. A post-purchase email / sms series can include confirmations, product or service usage tips, and follow-up content that encourages feedback and repeat business. This flow is key to building long-term customer relationships.

4. Browse Abandonment Flow (eCommerce)

Not every visitor to your site will make a purchase or sign up for a service on their first visit. The browse abandonment flow targets these visitors with personalised emails showcasing the products or services they viewed, nudging them towards making a decision.

customer retention automation

5. Customer Winback Flow

Aimed at re-engaging customers who haven’t interacted with your brand recently, the winback flow offers incentives and reaches out at strategic times to encourage repeat business. This is critical for improving customer lifetime value and overall revenue.

6. Back-in-Stock Flow

For businesses that deal with physical products notifying customers when an out-of-stock item is available again can create urgency and drive sales. For service-based businesses, this could be adapted to announce when a popular service is available or when a new slot opens up.

7. Price Drop Flow

Announcing price reductions through an SMS followed by emails can create a sense of urgency and scarcity, pushing customers towards making a purchase. This flow is effective across various industries, from retail to SaaS businesses.

8. VIP Customer Flow

Identify and reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offers and early access to new products or services. This flow not only fosters loyalty but also encourages continuous engagement and purchases, contributing to sustained business growth.

9. Product Recommendation Flow

For businesses that offer multiple products or services, sending personalised recommendations based on past purchases or interactions can uncover new opportunities for sales. This strategy enhances the customer experience by making interactions feel more tailored and thoughtful.

10. Review Request Flow

Soliciting feedback after a customer has had time to experience your product or service is invaluable. This flow not only helps you gather feedback but also builds social proof, crucial for attracting future customers.

Implementing these 10 email and SMS flows can transform how businesses across different sectors engage with their customers, drive sales, and foster long-term relationships. By automating these communications, businesses can more efficiently allocate their resources towards other growth initiatives, setting a foundation for sustainable success.

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