Google Reviews: Strategies for Boosting Brand Loyalty & SEO

Get More Google Reviews Strategies SEO


Google reviews are like gold dust for businesses looking to enhance their online visibility and loyalty.

Positive reviews not only improve your SEO ranking but also boost customer trust and encourage brand loyalty.

This article explores a strategy for businesses aiming to increase both the quantity and quality of their Google reviews effectively.

Share The Best Review Link

The Importance of Accessibility To begin, ensure your Google review link is easy to access and use.

Go to Google and search for “Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile will enable you to update your Google Maps result information, and Google Search results information.

Setup a new business account. You will need to verify your business. Verification might be a phone call verification, email verification, or a post card sent out to your address to verify your business on Google.

Google business profile / Google my business now displays directly on Googles homepage.

You will then see this format on Google’s homepage.

google my business reviews | 2024 |

Click on the option to “read reviews“.

Then, this page will display, click “Get more reviews

google business profile more reviews | 2024 |

This will provide you with a link that takes customers directly to the page where they can add a Google review for you.

No searching or clicking, just providing a review.

Note – Consider using a URL shortener to make the link neat and more engaging, thus improving click-through rates. Use for example.

Visibility Across Platforms Embed this optimised link strategically across your digital touch points — your customer success communication — to ensure it gains maximum visibility.

Streamline Text Messaging for Efficient Communication

Leveraging SMS for Immediate Reach SMS messaging, with its high open rates, serves as an excellent channel for reaching out to clients promptly.

Alternatively, use Email. We recommend that you do this manually until you have a robust process in place. eCommerce reviews are different and can use review tools to automatically do this process.

Customised Messages for Greater Impact Tailor your text messages to feel personal and relevant. While keeping short and sweet. A well-crafted message not only reflects professionalism but also encourages clients to engage more personally with your brand.

Get More Google Reviews Strategies SEO

Integrate Review Requests into Staff Workflow

Personalise the Review Request A personal touch can dramatically increase compliance. Advise your team to request a review verbally during a closure call, making the interaction feel more genuine and less intrusive.

Ensure Active Follow-Up Following the verbal request, the advisor should immediately send the Google review link via SMS or email. Confirming receipt with the client, while still on the call.

This can significantly up the chances of the client leaving a review.

Guide Clients Through the Process Offer to assist your clients through the review writing process. Staying on the line as they write their review can help swiftly overcome any hesitations or technical difficulties, ensuring the review is completed then and there.

Empower Your Team with Training and Scripts

Effective Communication Training Provide your sales team / success manager with the necessary training and scripts to integrate the review request smoothly into their conversation workflow. A one page document advising your team should be enough to give effective information.

Implement a Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement

Tracking and Incentives Monitor the performance of staff in securing reviews and use this data to incentivise high performers. This not only promotes a proactive approach among your team but also helps in pinpointing areas for improvement.

Enhance Customer Experience with Follow-Ups

Show Appreciation Following up with customers who have left reviews shows that you value their feedback and enhances customer loyalty. Offering a small token of appreciation, like a discount on future services, can convert satisfied customers into repeat clients and brand advocates.

Finding it Hard To Get Reviews? If you are finding it hard to get reviews from clients. Create a campaign that offers the first x people a free voucher that they get once they have provided a review. This insentive will be required with some business industries and is worth it due to the ability to use the reviews for social proof / social media posts / website content / brand loyalty etc.


By implementing these strategic steps, businesses can significantly enhance their ability to gather positive Google reviews. These reviews boost SEO, foster brand loyalty, and build a robust online presence, contributing to long-term business success.

Start today by integrating these practices into your service closure processes and witness the transformation in your customer engagement and brand perception.

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