8 Essential SAAS Tools Marketing Agencies Don’t Want You To Know

best marketing saas tools

We spend a lot of time researching and sourcing amazing SAAS tools that help us grow our digital marketing agency. If you are looking to grow your business online or your marketing agency, then you are in the right place! We don’t usually share this information with our clients, or prospects. This is because, these tools help us speed up operations, scale our business, and quite simply… Get more things done.

best marketing agency toolsLIST: 8 OF THE BEST MARKETING SAAS TOOLS

Here is the list of tools that will change the course of your business. Take the time to read the below and research the tools further yourself after reading our recommendations.

1. Promo

Type = Video maker

Publish engaging videos with speed for your business. Easily create social media videos, product videos, explainers and more. Utilize Promo’s 4,000 video templates or create your own. Download your videos in HD, resize your videos for multiple platforms. We love this SAAS tool for creating ads for our clients, mainly on Facebook / Instagram / Tik Tok.

We give Promo a review of 9 out of 10. It will enable you to create high-quality videos with fewer overheads, mainly we recommend it for paid ads or social content.

Sign up to Promo for a trial here.

promo video editor review


2. Vidnami

Type = Video maker

Grow your business video automated videos. Use this amazing video tool to convert your blogs and articles into videos within a few seconds. Using Premiere pro would take time to learn, and implement. Vidnami is currently our most favourite tool. Once you upload your text to Vidnami, it will automatically separate it into sections, time your videos with the text, and use AI to select relevant videos to speed up your process.

We give Vidnami a review of 9 out of 10. It is amazing at saving you time, re-utilising your existing written content and providing quality video content to your audience with a few clicks!

vidnami review

3. Click Funnels

Type = Landing page maker, Lead generation

We mainly use WordPress in our business, and we recommend wordpress to our customers most of the time. But, utilising a website Funnel is ESSENTIAL. It is how many online courses and coaches will hook you in, and convert you into a buyer. They do this by playing with your emotions, getting you to commit to a small request – then they keep increasing their ask, while increasing their prices. Before you know it, you sign up for multiple things. A funnel can look something like the following (1) a free eBook for $0 (2) pay for shipping for the book to your house for $19.97 (3) sign up to an online course for $997 (4) pay for a mastermind coaching course for $9,997

We give Promo a review of 7 out of 10. It costs a lot if you do not utilise the tool, so make sure to work on your funnel and make it profitable.

Sign up here, or sign up for a “5-day lead challenge

clickfunnels review

4. Active Campaign

Type = Email

We used to use Mailchimp for years, and for years we became frustrated with the methods Mailchimp would help you create email sequences and complex ways to target people. We then found Active Campaign. Active Campaign helps you automate your email, and you can scale with your needs. Reach and engage customers, automate tasks, nurture and educate, and convert people into paying customers. If you already use a service like Mailchimp, you will be able to avail of the one-to-one training and free migration from the staff at Active Campaign.

We give Active Campaign a 7 out of 10 as it takes time to learn and onboard staff to use this tool.

Sign up to Active Campaign for a trial here.

activecampaign review

5. Agency Analytics

Type = Analytics & Reporting

Do you have analytics reports coming in from 5 different platforms or providers? Does your SEO, Paid ads, Social media posts sing together? Most likely not. That is where Agency Analytics comes in. It is mainly meant for marketing agencies, but their entry plan is perfect for a small business that focuses their efforts online. If you are a digital marketing agency, you need to check out this tool. It helps save time, money and provide a great experience to your customers while integrating with over 60 platforms like Google ads / Facebook ads / Amazon Ads / Active Campaign / Call tracking and more. Use our Agency Analytics Coupon Code to save 50% on your first month’s membership.

We give Agency Analytics a review of 10 out of 10. It is a well designed, easy to use all-in-one tool to help every agency grow.

Sign up to Agency Analytics and save 50% on your first month.

Use the Code = AA_PARTNER_96387

agencyanalytics review


Type = Website GDPR & Cookies

We all know we should work on our GDPR and Cookies compliance. I also know that I have talked to many business owners who don’t want to spend any time thinking about the problem or figuring out the solution. Iubenda is an amazing tool to help keep your business up-to-date on GDPR and Cookies compliance. Iubenda automatically updates the rules, depending on your country and the technology you have built into your website.

We give IUBENDA a review of 9 out of 10 due to the low cost to get started at under $40 per year.

Sign up to IUBENDA here.

iubenda review

7. SEMrush

Type = SEO & Content

Understanding how and where to grow your business is a big question. SEMrush helps you to uncover who your ideal customers are, what they are searching for, the quality of your website, and to discover what your competitors are doing. You can use SEMrush to understand the digital landscape and to plan to grow. As a marketing agency, you can utilize SEMrush to find new ways to pitch to clients, offering them huge value instead of just trying to sell to them. Offer them custom reports, and key insights into their business with a few clicks. Another SAAS tool you could check out is Ahrefs, which is similar to SEMrush.

We give SEMrush a review of 9 out of 10 as it has a huge host of features to help your business scale, there are some features that you will need to spend more money to get its full benefit.

Sign up to SEMrush for a free trial.

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8. Autoklose

Type = Lead generation by using email automation

Close more deals faster. Autoklose is a B2B data all in one platform that helps your sales team engage with more customers in a more customized way. You can target the right prospects with their clean database, engage with prospects, test campaigns and grow your business by improving your team’s performance.

We give Autoklose a review of 8 out of 10 as it has a huge library of templates to help you craft your perfect email sequence to prospects.

Sign up to Autoklose for a free trial.

auotklose review

Why are we sharing these SAAS tools with you?

We have four main reasons to show you these amazing Marketing SAAS Tools.

One, it helps demonstrate what tools we use in our business to help reduce the barriers to becoming one of our customers while helping us move towards becoming thought leaders in marketing. Two, you and your business will get value from this action-packed blog. This blog may not be complicated, but it has been made possible by spending four years researching and testing new tools. Three, we are utilizing affiliate links in some of the solutions we mention to you – so, if you buy after clicking the ad, we might make a small commission. Four, it shows off our research, effort, and ability to grow and pivot over time.

We have included an overview of each of these tools below and their key benefits. All of the tools in this list have been battle-tested by our own business and for our client’s businesses. They have helped us increase our brand awareness, improve productivity and the quality of the work we can provide our clients.