Five Marketing Tips to Keep Financial Clients Hooked

Marketing Tips to Keep Financial Clients Hooked

Marketing for financial services companies means understanding what your target clients need and creating a clear, concise message that delivers. Your clients are busy people who want to put their money in the right hands. Whether they are looking for pensions or mortgages in Ireland, or require another financial service, they want to know their money is being cared for.  Financial brokers need to market themselves not only as capable of handling their clients’ needs, but they also need to be trustworthy and communicative. The successful financial broker is the one who knows how to put their clients’ mind at ease and their money to work.

In order to hook your clients and keep them with you for life, financial services companies need to focus on creating content that captures their target audience and converts that traffic into customers. To do that, financial brokers must focus on:

  • Presenting clear, concise information
  • Establishing trust
  • Displaying their financial intellect
  • And exhibiting the company’s deftness at handling a variety of financial situations

Your clients don’t want the same marketing fluff that they’ve heard from ten other financial services companies. They don’t want vague statements or over the top bells and whistles. All they want is to know that you are willing to listen to their unique needs and to use their money wisely. The right marketing strategy can show them that.

A good marketing strategy involves understanding your company’s brand and communicating that brand effectively. It means knowing your target audience and developing strategies that engage your customer base. It means constantly analyzing the data, interpreting it, and taking action. And always, it means keeping the customer first and tailoring your company to your financial clients’ unique needs.

But how can you accomplish that?

Five Marketing Tips for Financial Brokers

  1. Build a brand

Maybe another way to word this is to consider rebranding. Ask yourself (and answer honestly): what does my company stand for? What message do we want to convey to our clients—and to the world for that matter? Are we effective in our messaging? If you can’t answer these questions or only have vague answers, now might be the time to consider rebranding your identity. And when we say branding, we don’t just mean logos and graphics. We mean brand guidelines, or the essential core of your company, the principles from which your choices and service flow. It’s the unique way your company serves their clients. In short, it’s what makes you stand out compared to your competitors.

  1. Target your audience

If you don’t know who your target audience is, then you can’t market effectively to that audience. The first step is to understand who your clients are. Are they looking for different pensions? Or perhaps mortgages? What do your clients need? Now what do they want? By understanding who your client base is and what they need and want, you can target marketing much more effectively. Not only does this drive new customers to your services, but it establishes brand loyalty with your repeat customers because you are the right financial broker for what they’re looking for.

  1. Develop your website

When you know your brand and you know your target audience, you are ready to start developing your website. Be sure that your website serves as a strategic marketing tool by ensuring it has clean, concise messaging and search engine optimization. Your website should communicate your brand, serve as easy accessibility for your customers, and convert traffic.

  1. Analyze the data

But how do you know if your website is converting customers? By tracking and analyzing the data. Digital marketing agencies can help you discover the tools and set your website up so that it is easy to track analytics.

  1. Take advantage of all your marketing tools

Speaking of digital marketing—with the advent of Covid-19 and the move to digital spaces, now more than ever, it is important that your financial services company is taking advantage of all that digital marketing has to offer. Whether you are clarifying your position in the digital marketplace, setting up a digital marketing campaign, or even just setting up one digital ad, it is essential that your company takes full advantage of every marketing tool, including the ones online. Digital marketing agencies make this process easy and can be a total gamechanger with your digital presence.

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The Case of Q Financial Advisors

Glassfull Media is the kind of digital marketing agency that can help financial brokers achieve all their goals of driving traffic and converting clients. But don’t just take our word for it. Recently, Glassfull Media worked with Q Financial Advisors, a financial services leader in Ireland.

First, we analyzed the branding, website, and marketing content that currently existed for Q Financial Advisors. The data showed us that there needed to be a branding overhaul with a focus on a fresh brand identity. Q Financial Advisors’ clients wanted to know that their providers were experienced and had the availability and responsiveness needed for good service.

Our first move was to identify a target audience and rebrand Q Financial Advisors as an easily accessible financial services company, especially compared to some of their larger competitors who weren’t nearly as responsive. We also worked with them on their website presence and boosted their digital ad performance targeted at their main service areas: mortgages, pensions, life insurance, savings, and inheritance.

After redesigning their website, customizing logo and branding collateral, creating a targeted digital ad campaign, and adding calls to action into their website copy, Q Financial Advisors’ results speak for themselves: significant increase in calls and data enquiries and a big jump in analytics from week one to week twelve.

Q Financial Advisors is just one example of how we have helped financial brokers get results. It’s not a magic trick. With the right branding, website design, and targeted ad campaigns, your company can achieve the same results.

Want to learn more? Glassfull Media is ready to help. Reach out today and let’s get started.