How To Get More Traffic To Your Website (Google Analytics Tutorial 2022)

2 | 2024 |

Are you looking to get more traffic to your website fast?

In this video, we show you who your customers are, what they are doing and how to find more website visitors.

Grow your business online. Understand your customer’s journey. We talk about a list of methods on how you can grow your customer base. There is a new wave of digital marketing trends in 2022 and we want you to be empowered to know how to identify your customers and how to gain new customers.

An increase of traffic of 200% or 500% sounds great, but will this new website traffic help you gain new high-quality leads and new customers. We look at the customer journey, giving you tips for digital marketing, stages of the marketing process and examples of good and bad traffic.

We show you how to use google analytics and other tools to help you gain an understanding of what traffic is generating your business real growth and what traffic is costing too much and should have their strategies reviewed.

It’s time for your website to get more traffic by

  1. Attracting readers
  2. Converting those readers into advocates
  3. Turning some of those readers into customers
  4. Delight your customers by offering a good digital marketing service

Final Thoughts

2022 is an important year for businesses to work on their digital marketing growth strategies. Covid makes this clearer, most people are not at work all of the time, people are spending more time online, paid ads is costly and there are many ways you can grow your website traffic. Use inbound marketing tricks as they are pretty cost-effective. Look at including email marketing, blogging, video tutorials, and social media posts.

Creating content for your customers will help you get more traffic. It will also help you educate your customers, so when they have questions for your sales team they will be equipped to ask you better questions as they could have spent hours consuming your content. Remember – your website should be your best salesperson who works 24/7.

These tips should help you understand which customers are important, giving your website traffic a boost. Now, its time for you to put this to the test. Take the learnings from this video, review your google analytics and customer journey, look for how you can spot the gaps in your marketing strategy and implement those gaps in a new digital marketing plan to help you increase your website traffic (ie gain more customers and make more money).