How To Write Quality Google Ads

how to write quality google ads

Are you looking to use online ad campaigns to enhance your marketing strategy? Google Ad campaigns is a great way to scale your business with speed. Google Ads and other online ad platforms have an advantage over print ads because it makes it easier for you to target the right person at the right time.

When setting up Google Ad campaigns is important to set up the ads to be the best version of themselves. You can do this by picking the right words, and the right structure to your ad text.

Below, we have includes a list of tips for you to consider when creating your next Google ad campaign. These tips will improve your click through rate and quality score of your ad campaign. Are you looking for Google Ad template examples? Check out this article where we give you 6 template Google ad headlines, and 17 template Google ad descriptions to help speed up and enhance your next Google ad campaign.

Things to consider when you are writing headlines and descriptions

When writing headlines and descriptions for Google ads,  there are best practices, but remember all rules are there to be broken. Being different and standing out from the crowd is a great way to be seen.

1. What product or service are you offering your client?

Be direct. Keep it simple. Tell people what you are offering. Use the most searched terms, don’t use complex fancy words. Unless your audience is fancy.

2. What problem are you solving?

Dont sell your service, sell the solution. “Access Your Pension Before You Are 50”, “Feel Great In Your Designer Dress”

3. Why should someone shop with you right now?

Do you have a limited offer available due to limited stock or because you are offering a discount for a certain time.

4. What is your unique selling point?

How do you beat your competition? Do you have 50 years experience, do you offer free call out quotes, or use high tech equipment that most competitors do not use.

5. Do you have a special offer or incentive?

Are you offering a special discount, buy 2 get 1 free, free shipping or no on-boarding fee?

6. What location do you offer your service to? 

Are you offering a worldwide product, or a local service? Tell people, free shipping to Ireland, best plumbers in Dublin, local plumber near you.

Google Ads Pro Tips

Here are 5 more Google Ads pro tips to help get the best out of your Google Ads campaign.

1. Reviewing and improving your headlines and descriptions is a great way to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR). More than that. It also helps to reduce your cost per click. Your cost per click will reduce when you improve your quality score. Improving your quality score can happen by doing a few things. Use the same keywords people will search, as the keywords in your ad text, and the same words in your on your landing page. Be specific and repeat!

2. Skip the homepage, and bring people to the exact landing page that talks about your solution. This reduces the number of clicks someone needs to take to do the desired action you want them to take.

3. Always Use Capitlisations For The First Letter Of Each Word Of Your Headlines. This has been proven to be the easiest type of text formatting for people to read.

4. Create multiple headlines and descriptions for your ads. Allow Google to automatically pick the best headlines. Google search ads have changed over the years. Now, when you create an add you should create multiple headlines, and multiple descriptions. Google with use their Big Data to display the best ad text to the best audience at the best time.

5. Include ad extensions, allowing people to go to specific pages, a call extension, image extensions and location extensions to help your Google ad performance.

Google Ads Done For You

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