22 Killer Google Ad Template Headlines & Descriptions To Beat Your Competition

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If you’re like most Google Ads marketers, you’re always looking for ways to beat your competition. Well, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 19 killer google ad template descriptions that will help you stand out from the crowd. Use these Google Adwords examples to create powerful and attention-grabbing ad copy that will draw in more customers. So what are you waiting for? Start using these templates today and see how your conversions skyrocket! Next time you’re creating your ad campaign text, you will be ready! We give you 22 killer Google Ads templates below. If you are new to writing Google Ad campaigns and looking for even more inspiration. Make sure to check out this article where we tell you how to write quality Google Ad campaigns. Perfect for a newbie or a refresher for a Google Ads expert.

Google Ad Template Headlines

Here are 5 Google ad template headlines to improve the conversion rate of your Google ads. Inserting text manually can be a good way to have full control over your Google ad headlines. Another great tip is to use Dynamic Keywords in your ad text. Lets say, for example, you are offering pension services to your clients. And someone goes to Google and searches for “Pension access before 50”. Your ad headline will show this [exact] keyword, which will help the click-through-rate and conversions of your ad campaign. You can insert dynamic text ads by using these fancy brackets when writing your Google ad text. {insert keyword}. 1. Free {insert service} Consultation Call 2. 360°{insert service} – All You Need In One Place 3. Maximise Your {insert service} 4. Unlock Your Full {insert service} Potential 5. #1 {insert competitor name} Alternative – Try us for Free for X Days  

Google Ad Template Descriptions

Here are 17 Google ad template descriptions for your business. 1. Unlock your {insert service}. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. With over {insert number} of years in the business.

2. Trust Us. You Don’t Want to Miss Out on Unforgettable, Award-Winning, and Affordable {insert product}.

3. Your Search for {insert service} Ends Here. Treat Yourself! Get Your {insert product} in two days flat.

4. We Offer a Diverse Range, Unbeatable Prices, and Service You’ll Never Forget.

5. What Are You Waiting For? Get Your {insert service} For Only € {insert price} And Start {insert action}Today!

6. For Over {insert years}Years, Great Service Has Always Been Our Top Priority. And It Still Is!

7. Come Down Tonight and Have Some Fun! Enjoy One of Our Daily Specials, Starting At Only {insert price}.

8. Act Quickly! If You Order By {insert time} PM Tonight, We’ll Toss in {insert gift/free shipping}

9. With Over {insert years} Years of Experience, We’re the Experts You’re Looking For. Guaranteed.

10. Crazy Low Prices and Sensational Customer Service From Your Trusted Local Expert.

11. The Stylish {insert product} You’re Looking For Is In Stock. Low Prices For Limited Time. Come Get It!

12. Are You In Need of Help With {insert service}? Look No Further! We’re the #1 {insert service} Experts in {insert location}.

13. We Guarantee Fabulous {insert service} At Prices We Challenge You to Find Somewhere Else.

14. Instantly Get the Quote You Need Starting At An Unbeatable €{insert price}. It’s That Easy!

15. We Provide Everything You Need For {insert service} In One Convenient Place You’ll Love.

16. Looking For Some Variety? We Offer More than {insert product} Brands In Stock. See For Yourself!

17. Designed and Built Locally By the Team of Hometown Experts You Know and Love.

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