#5 Google Ads Management Essential Tips (Increase ROI 2022)

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5 Essential Google Ads Management Tips To Improve Your Google Ads Return On Investment

Paid ad campaigns can cost a lot of money fast. Pay-per-click ad campaigns can also be highly profitable and scalable for many businesses.

The best marketing mix is always changing. Pay-per-click ads (PPC) has always been a key performer for businesses looking to scale.

Google ads are a great way to target people actively looking for your products today. Google Ads management can appear like a magic trick if you have not spent a lot of time learning and training your skills.

Read more details on the five tips that will improve your Google Ads campaigns by working as a Google Ads Manager.

While Google Ads is amazing, it has a learning curve and this learning curve can cost businesses money. If you are new to Google ads management you can learn how to improve your ad campaigns for free using Google’s free learning centre called Skillshop to learn how to use Google ads to grow your business online.

We have included 5 of the best tips to make sure your Google Ads campaigns succeed. The most undervalued tip we have included is tip number 5, but don’t skip the first 4 points because they are highly beneficial. Click fraud is a big issue for advertisers and we use amazing tools to help improve ad campaigns and to reduce ad budget that is incorrectly being spent.


What Is Google Ads Management

Google Ads management is the process of managing your Google Ads campaigns. Your Google Ads account manager will work to create, manage and improve advertising campaigns over time. Anyone can work to be a Google ads manager, it is free to get started and to take Google Ads courses. You can start your free Google Ads courses by going to Google Skillshop by Google and learn to use the Google Ads products to their full potential.

Experienced Google Ads managers spend years learning new skills and methods to review, manage and improve your Google ads campaigns. Check out the five essential tips below that will help you improve your Google Ads campaigns today.


1. Understand Search Intent

google ads search intent

Search intent related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is a marketing strategy that focuses on adjusting your website and content strategy to help your website rank on search engines like Google or Bing. 

Search intent is when you aim to match your content to the common phrases people are tying into Google every month.

For example, every month in Ireland, there are:

  • 40,000 people searching for “gyms”
  • 700 people searching for “gym Ireland”
  • 5,000 people searching for “gyms Dublin”
  • 140 people searching for “fitness center Dublin”

So, if you are a gym owner in Ireland and you want to create a new website – you should focus on the word “gyms” and not “fitness center”. You should include the who / what / where / when / how of your business.

Your website will never get 100% of the search traffic, even if you are in position 1 on Google. Your Google ads will likely get between 1% and 10% click-through rate on your Google ads.

For example, be detailed in how you write content for your website to talk about

  • Talk about your country
  • Talk about your local area
  • Repeat your services multiple times throughout the content
  • Talk about the benefits of your services
  • Talk about the issues people have and how you have the solution

When running a Google Ads campaign you want to use search intent to understand how much it will cost to get people onto your website. Every time someone clicks the ad, you will have a cost on your ad campaign.

Below is some logic to how our Google Ads Managers decide what keywords we would include in your Google ads campaign.

Note: these examples are simplified, the cost per click is always fluctuating and there are many other factors. The click-through-rate would likely be much higher, this is to keep the maths simple. We refer to search traffic in Ireland, while in reality, we can target a 10KM radius around our property if we wanted.

For example, every month in Ireland, there are:

  • keyword = gyms. Monthly searches = 40,000. You get 1% click through rate = 400 monthly visitors to your website.
    • The word “gyms” costs €0.85 per click. Your monthly ad cost would be €340. This phrase is very broad and likely requires more clicks to get a conversion, the search intent of these people could be anything and they could be looking for “how to open gyms in Ireland” or “gyms news” and thousands of variations of search terms.
  • keyword = gyms dublin. Monthly searches = 5,400. You get 1% click through rate = 54 monthly visitors to your website.
    • The word “gyms dublin” costs €0.90 per click. You get 1% click through rate. Your monthly ad cost would be €48.60. The search intent is more specific, we are now drilling down and target people who have good search intent for our business. This wont eat up a lot of your marketing budget and will help your gym be more competitive for finding new clients and getting them onto your website.
  • keyword = fitness center Dublin. Monthly searches = 20. You get 1% click through rate = 0.2 monthly visitors to your website.
    • The word “fitness center dublin” costs €0.75 per click. You get 1% click through rate Your monthly ad cost would be less than €1. This phrase is too specific, it may be good to include within a campaign but it would likely be a small % of your Google ad spend.


2. Goals Matter

google ads goals

A goal is a specific action someone will take on your Google ads campaign. Goals can also be known as Conversions.

A goal for example is; When someone clicks through to your website, and click your phone number. Or, they send you a contact form. 

You need to make sure you have set up Goals in your Google Analytics and have linked those goals from your Google Analytics to your Google Adwords campaign.

Creating these links for your goals will enable Google to improve your return on investment as they will use their large data to target better people and give you feedback to say “hey there, you have spend €400 in ad spend and you generated 10 phone calls”. This lets you know that every phone call costs you €40 on average.

If you do not take the time to set up these goals, then Google will be happy to spend you money and will not care if you got no sales from their ads. Check out this Google Ads Tutorials video to think strategically about your goals.


3. Be Direct With Text

food delivery | 2024 |

The text in your ads will support the success or failure of your Google ads management.

Ad text will include a headline and a description.

The text should let people know the benefits of your services in plain English. You should target pain points & benefits that affect your customers decisions.

For example;

  • Offer a low barrier to entry promotion: Free trial membership, free consultation
  • Mention your location so people know where your gyms is
  • Mention the best monthly cost – doing this makes sure you get people who understand if your price point is in-line with what the person clicking the ad would pay
  • Create immediacy – use words that create an urgency or are time-sensitive
  • Detail your services – mention each of your classes, do you have personal trainers, changing rooms, a swimming pool?

Tip: Include extensions for your ads. website extensions can display below the description of your advert, and will allow people to click onto specific pages of your website. See the example below that also links to their client reviews.


See the below example of a good Google Search Ad campaign, which breaks down their services / location / hotlinks to website pages / ratings and more.

energie fitness google ads


4. Specific Ad Groups

google ad groups gym examples

When you create a Google Ads Campaign you should first understand the monthly budget you want to spend on the overall Google Adwords campaign.

You should then understand, which of my services do I want to promote. And decide on a budget for each of the services you want to target.

For example:

  • Monthly Budget = €1,000
  • Target Location = Dublin
  • Ad Groups & Budget
    • Gyms = 50% of budget to target people who would join the gym
    • Personal Trainers = 30% of budget to target people who need 1 on 1 sessions or need a personal touch. The lifetime value of these customers is likely higher than a generic person joining the gym.
    • Swimming pools = 20% of budget. These people may want a benefit of a swimming pool, but maybe they may also ONLY want a swimming pool and not care about your core business service of the gym facility.


Each of these ad groups would include multiple phrases. Lets look at the main campaign ad group. Gyms.

Within the Gyms ad group you can target multiple phrases. Target broader phrases, narrow phrases and competitor names.

For example, these keywords:

  • Gyms = broad and would use up a lot of budget
  • Gyms South Dublin = narrow(ish). This would capture a lot of people and use a chunk of your budget while making sure you only target people who want a gym in South Dublin.
  • Crossfit gyms South Dublin = narrow. If you own a crossfit gym in South Dublin then targeting this keyword would be beneficial as people should be looking specifically for your type of gym, in your local area. The search intent is far greater than targeting a generic phrase like “gyms”/

Use ad groups to bundle phrases together. Have your goals set up so you understand the cost for each goal for each ad group to understand where to re-allocate budget.


5. Click Fraud

clickcease clickfraud google ads

A large percentage of your ads budget might be used by competitors or bots clicking your ads. Use click fraud tools to automatically stop this from happening and increase ROI.

This is an under discussed topic with Google Adwords.

You NEED to protect your Google Ads campaigns and Facebook Ads campaigns by using click fraud prevention tools.

Click fraud prevention tools automatically help save your business money by blocking Bots, Clickfarms, VPNs, Competitors and more from clicking your ads.

Click Fraud will help you scale your ad campaigns by monitoring the ad performance 24/7.

Outsmart competitors by being able to review and compare ads with competitors which will enable you to work to beat them.

Here is an example of what your click fraud dashboard will look like.

You can see an overview of multiple websites we protect from click fraud. We can see how many IP addresses have been stopped, and a monthly value of money that we have saved our clients.

Get Started to protect your Google ads campaign with click fraud protection.

Click here to learn more.

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Good To Use Employees For Our Google Ads Management?

Is it good to use your employees to manage your Google ads campaigns? This answer can be a double edged sword and really depends on your business.

Here are the main pitfalls we see when full time employees take care of the Google Ads Management.

There are multiple tools your business should sign up to, and each has a monthly subscription to them. This is a hidden cost you might not think about as firsts, like the click fraud tip above. If your employee is taking care of the Google Ads Management you are then paying for those tools. Or, your team does not know of what tools to use to improve the performance of your Google ads campaigns. Employees are usually very busy and are being pushed and pulled on a daily basis. Employees need to give focus to their day-to-day tasks. If you give a busy employee the task to be the Google Ads Manager then they may miss out because they don’t have time to learn, implement, review and keep on top of all of the changes that occur over time. Using an outsourced Google Ads Management agency allow your employees to manage the agency and the reporting while not absorbing too much time from your valuable employees’ time.


Ready To Start Your Google Ads Campaign?

Marketing Tips to Keep Financial Clients Hooked

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